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This website is under construction and still in development! Pardon the mess ^^

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9/22/23: Trying to figure out how to make main content scroll... also other things to add? not sure.

1/9/2023: Added more creatures to "collections", tried to change scrollbar, i dont think it worked...

11/28/22: Added list + blurb to interests page

11/13/22: Added updates to scrollbox. Added art to art page. Added to "About me".

11/11/22: Added scrollbox + footer

11/10/22: Made & added site badge & icon. Basic formatting of new pages. Dragon cave + Pokefarm added to 'collectibles'

11/9/22: Pages for interests, art, collectibles, links, sources, and commisions are added. Navbar set up.

11/8/22: CSS for fonts, background, links, and columns added. HTML columns established.

11/6/22: Site created, set up of index and about page. basic CSS added